Morocco: Jimi/Sarah Hendrix Woz ‘Ere

Yesterday’s post about looking for estate agents was written in jest, however today we found out that Easyjet will be flying direct to Essaouira as of May 2015 and that I own a hectare of land up the coast. This might change everything. I knew that I owned this land of course but had assumed that it had kind of gone along with everything else from my past time here. I had just put it down to experience never having planned to return for these years. Turns out it’s still mine. It has lots of rocks and tortoises on it. And a tree. Keith having done his dry stone walling course could be entertained for months building a wall around the land with all the free rocks and training tortoises. I can fly home to work via Easyjet and we can live on 12p doughnuts. I cannot see one single flaw in this plan. Keith is yet to be convinced.

Today we walked to Diabat, reputed temporary home to Jimi Hendrix in 1968. Diabat is a tiny cluster of houses along the beach from Essaouira with no other, however tenuous, claim to fame, so it milks it well.

Café Jimi Hendrix

Hotel Jimi Hendrix

Aside from a few people, Diabat is home to a number of goats which wander freely and an extremely out of place golf resort featuring manicured greens in the midst of scrubland and mangy dogs.

Goat Jimi Hendrix

Golf Jimi Hendrix (not really)

The walk to Diabat from Essaouira is almost entirely along the long sandy beach except for the final section which is over a newly built bridge, which, it has to be said, like the motorway, is not getting quite the usage one might expect.

The beach here is spectacular and mostly empty apart from the odd camel.

Away from the town the beach is backed by sand dunes where you can play at being in the Sahara whilst only being a short walk away from orange juice and chips.

Or alternatively find a tiny tortoise on an epic journey. This (below) has to be one of my favourite photographs of all time.

No voyage into the ‘desert’ is complete without the obligatory return to civilisation orange juice and chips (blowing the budget at £3.50) at Ocean Vagabond, the original surf café in Essaouira.

Followed by a 12p doughnut. Street food in Morocco has a strict schedule and rotation according to time of day. There is a limited doughnut window and today we were lucky enough to make it. Otherwise, it would have been a sardine in this photo, which wouldn’t have had quite the same effect.


Dinner tonight was in local’s joint (as opposed to the many tourist restaurants. One chicken and vegetable tagine, one chicken couscous, bread and water for £4.60. Date nights just got very cheap. The ambience was somewhat lacking, but the food and price made up for it. Total day’s food bill £8.22 for two people. Could easily do it for less, but we don’t need to.

Our evening ended with a stroll round the town taking weird photos. Another good day in a very special place.


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